Thursday, September 2, 2010

Go Ethan Go!

So i totally thought Ethan would just love football. He was really excited to play this summer. He plays in the yard with his brothers and is so tough. He takes hits and scores touchdown all day. And his brothers don't take it easy on him. He has to work hard. The first day of practice Ethan would absolutely not go out on the field. As i mentioned in my other post he has been super anxious about stuff lately. He cried and would not go out and practice. I have to say i was very frustrated with him. I had to do some deep breathing and remind myself that there must be a reason he felt uncomfortable with this. 
It took a few practices but when he realized adam and i weren't going anywhere he went out there and has been really enjoying himself. He is playing flag football and is awesome at pulling the flags of the boys with the ball. His first game he got a little bit of stage fright and didn't want to go out on the field. So we sat and watched the game before his so he could see how it was going to work. By the time the game was over he felt comfortable enough to go out and play. He did awesome!!!  He was lined up against a kid twice his size that was definately pushing him around. So ethan go sneaky and juked him a few time and got around him so he could get to the guy with the ball. It was fun to watch him play and be comfortable with the things he knows how to do.  I didn't know it was going to be so much work for him to have fun! :)

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