Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Hitter!

Gavin is playing tackle football again this year. He is much better at it this year than he was last year. Just a lot more aggressive. He is playing wide reciever on offense and saftey on defense. So he plays the better part of the game.  Last game he had 3 really hard tacklles. I was proud of him he stood in there and took the hits and wrapped those boys up and brought them down. He told Adam today at practice "it feels good to hit people"  LOL  Well i guess it is good we have an outlet for Gavin to get some of that pent up anger out of his system.  He takes a lot of garbage from his brothers. 
His teammate broke his arm in last weeks game so i was hoping that it wouldn't make Gavin anxious about being hurt. Doesn't seem to have bothered him. He gets out there and takles the big boys like it is no big deal and his coaches are telling his teammates that they need to watch Gavin tackle cuz he is doing it right. :)  Good job Gavin!!  Gavin is #14

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