Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So this last weekend the boys and I decided to go visit Adam in La Grande, Oregon. We planned a camping trip so we wouldn't be couped up in his trailer all weekend. :) We did decide to take the trailer camping instead of using the tents, which i must say i could definately get used to. Except for the stress of getting the camper (which is an old piece of crap) into the camping spot without breaking something on it or our truck it was much more luxurious than tents. And a lot less fighting. (adam and i never fight by the way).

Not only did we go camping but we went camping where there were a zillion hiking trails to a zillion lakes. We went to Anthony Lakes which is 40 miles out of la grande. We camped about a mile away from Anthony Lakes campground. The first 10 minutes we were there the boys walked through the woods and found a meadow and there were 2 deer standing there looking at them. They were very excited. So our first hike consisted of hiking to the campground then to black lake. Which for only being one mile from the campground it was very quiet and secluded. There was only one other group there. The boys had a blast fishing. They all caught one and so did I. :) except for when adam was getting it off the hook he dropped it back in the water. :( That hike was 4 miles round trip. It was awesome scenery and good times. The boys really enjoy doing this.

The next day we decided we had time to hike to another lake before heading home. It was another 2 mile hike into Upper or Lower Crawfish lake. I can't remember which one. This one was really awesome. Beautiful! It was an easy hike in all downhill. Oh ya but that means you have to walk uphill all the way back. AHHHHHHHH!!!! But the fishing was awesome at this lake too. Even ethan caught one. He was sooooooo excited. He said "Mom will be so excited I caught my own fish!"

I really want to hike in and camp out at a few lakes but we just don't have the right stuff for that yet. I think we are going to start gathering things like packs and good light sleeping bags though. It makes for some great family times!