Monday, March 30, 2009

The Zoo

So I decided to take the boys to the zoo today. I don't go to the Boise zoo that often cuz it really isn't that cool and you can go through it in about and hour. YAWN! But they just expanded and have 2 giraffes and 3 lions. :) So i thought we could try it out. The boys loved it! I think we spent a half hour at the Giraffes. Tanner is completely amazed by them. All Ethan could talk about were the penguins. In fact i don't think he noticed any of the animals before the penguins. Cuz all he could say was "i want to see the penguins" over and over.

All the animal were out today so we really got a good show. Ethan annoyed a goose and it hissed at him. (That made me nervous) And of course the boys LOVED the monkeys. I think i want to take them to a bigger zoo somewhere. We have been to the San Diego Zoo but we only had Tanner then. The Hogel Zoo is good too. Animals are always a hit with kids. :) Can't go wrong there.


So Tanner finally had his first win of the season! Whooo hooo! It was actually not with his U13 team but with the older U14 team. They have been asking Tanner to play goalie for them the last 3 weeks. Tanner already plays with boys that are 1 year older than him so playing with boy that are 2 years older makes Tanner a little nervous. 14 and 15 year old boys kicking a soccer ball at you as hard as they can, can be a little scary at times.
But Tanner handled the pressure like a pro and kept the other team scoreless. He had about 7 saves. Three of those saves were amazing. One of the shot he had to jump as high as he could and just got a finger on the ball and popped it up just enough it hit the cross bar and bounced out. Phew!!! If he wouldn't have touched it it would have been a goal for the other team. He was very proud of himself and glad to have a win under his belt this season. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ice Fishing

This weekend we decided to take a trip to my brother John's house in Cascade. Adam hadn't been ice fishing all season so i set up a fishing trip. Yes the lake still have 19" of ice on them. CRAZY!! The snow was beautiful on the drive up. As cars drove underneath the big pine trees the snow would fall out of the trees onto the next car. The boys thought that was great. :)

It was awesome in Cascade. It had snowed about 1 foot the day before we arrived so the snow was perfect. It was also very sunny which make for perfect ice fishing. Adam, John and I took 8 kids out fishing with us. Yes we are nuts. But the kids had a blast. John took his snow mobile and gave rides and pulled people on the sleds. Thank goodness for crazy uncle John to break up the monotony of fishing. :)

Adam caught the first fish of the day and I caught the second. (Mine was bigger! Hee Hee) We had lot of nibbles but we only caught the two fish. So thank goodness i packed a lot of treats and hot cocoa. It kept the kids going. All in all we had a really fun weekend that i think the boys will remember.