Friday, January 8, 2010


So if your children come down with a very strange stomach ache that won't seem to go away, call me! I know what it is. Tanner and Ethan have had this horrible stomach ache for 5 days, with no other symptoms. No vomiting, no diarhea, no fever, nothing!  Tanner finally got a sore throat yesterday but Ethan just has a stomach ache.  Now that 5 days have gone by i finally was sick of it so i called the doctor. They had me come in.  Come to find out my boys have strep throat. WHAT!!!  So go figure a stomach ache = strep throat.  The doctor said that for some reason some kids get a really bad stomach ache when they have strep. They won't even complain about a sore throat just a stomach ache.  I feel horrible cuz i sent them to school all week cuz they just had a stomach ache that came and went.  Anyway now we have drugs and hopefully they feel better soon.