Sunday, December 27, 2009

playing with the christmas toys

So Brendon (Adam) got a rocket for christmas.  It lauches 1100 ft in the air. YIKES!  We launched it today, and I have to say it was pretty awesome!  I felt like i was at cape canaveral! There was so much smoke.  The rocket went so high we couldn't see it forever. Then the boys caught sight of it, adam and I still couldn't see it.  It finally landed about 2 minutes later clear out by the main road by our house about 250 yards away.  They were so excited it worked. It turned out to be a good gift. :)

Christmas Morning

I love Christmas morning! Even though our kids are totally lazy and don't get up early at all(which i am not complaining about). I love watching them be excited for things to come, even Tanner who is 12 can't hold his excitement in.

As much as Adam and I try to say we are going to cut back this year and not spend as much this year, we just can't help ourselves. We have so much fun buying for the boys. I do make a list of things i want to get the boys. I am pretty systematic. I try and get everyone the same amount of presents so one person isn't still opening when everyone else is done. It is getting harder to do this since the boys are getting older and they are wanting more expensive things but it has worked out so far.
I think Adam has more fun than i do shopping. All year he is telling me to spend less, spend less. Then Christmas comes and I am saying we have enough, no we can't buy that too, would you stop shopping. :) I love it! He is such a kid at Christmas.
Anyway, the boys loved all their stuff and have a lot of things to build and work on. Adam, I mean the boys, should have lots of fun. :)