Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well Gavin was super excited to go back to school to be with his friends.  He loves school and learning. He is such a good kid. He has helped us so much with Ethan this year. I don't know where Ethan would be without his big brother. Gavin makes sure he gets on the bus in the morning and makes sure Ethan gets into his line at school so he isn't scared.  Adam and I feel bad to put that on Gav but if we went to the school with Ethan he would never go inside. So we are proud of Gavin for stepping up and helping us and taking care of his little brother.
Ethan on the other hand was not excited at all to start school.  He has had a really hard time adjusting to first grade.  When Ethan was smaller he would never leave us. He never went to nursery in church and he had a hard time being left with sitters. It went away for a while but we have noticed that in the past 6 months or so he has started being extremely anxious about things. He won't do a lot of things that he enjoys because he is too anxious about adam or me leaving him. He worries about being left outside on the playground at school in the morning after the bell rings and not being able to get into the school.  He worries about the lunch line at school. He has to sleep with Gavin at night. If we put him in bed in his room when i wake up in the morning he is on the floor by Gavins bed. The poor kids is worrying himself sick.  So he has definately had a hard time this year so far. He is trying hard to be brave and work on not worrying and letting mom and dad worry for him.  But we had a whole week this week without any tears. A few stomach aches before school but no tears. 
Hopefully with a little encouragement Ethan will begin to feel comfortable with his surrounding and more confident with himself.  He put on a good smile for the camera anyway. :)

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jamie said...

poor ethan! but i also understand your difficulty in staying patient with him. it's hard to be when you don't understand the whys behind his actions. but good for gavin for being such a good big brother. and hooray for the both of them and their football skills. i really wish we could be there to cheer them on!