Monday, July 6, 2009


So the past 2 weeks have been quite fun and busy for us. We went camping 2 weekends ago for 5 days with my Family. It was really fun! Probably one of the better camping trips we have been on with my family. Adam and I actually packed, camped and unpacked without one cross word to each other. (this never happens) So that in its self made the trip worth while. The weather was awesome! The boys swam in the creek everyday, road their bikes, wandered, ate lots of junk, watched my dad and brothers shoot things that made big fireballs (see picture) road 4wheelers in the dark scary forest. I love camping!

This year my brother zack decided he was going to make sure we all stayed clean while we camped. He built the sweetest shower. He brought and 50 gallon barrel which we lit a fire under and heated our shower water. He pumped the water out of the barrel and up into ad actual shower head. We made a shower room with some tarps and angle iron. It was great! Another reason camping was awesome.

There were no 4wheeler accidents this time and that was also nice. Over all we spent 5 days together as a large family and we all had fun and got along. :) I hope we get to go a few more times this summer.

This 4th of July weekend we spent in Cascade, Idaho. We stayed at my brother John's house. Cascade has a great fireworks show for a little mountain town. They had a great parade in the morning, then we went swimming at the lake for about 4 hours. That was fun! The boys were in the water the whole time. I got sun burned of course. Then we went back to John's and changed and headed out to the fireworks show. The fireworks there are awesome, they do a really good job. I think that next year we are going to try and head to Idaho Falls. They have the best fireworks show i have seen and it would be well worth the drive.

Anyway i am definately ready for a nice quiet week at home. :)


So i signed Ethan up for Tball. I forgot how funny tball is. Little kids that watch butterflies and the clouds instead of the ball. They run the wrong way, and really only come to get the after game snack. :) It is so relaxing to just watch them have fun and not be all stressed out like I am at Tanner's intense soccer games. Ethan has fun. The other day though he was being sooo lazy. He was standing on 3rd base and I heard him say "Coach I'm done. My legs hurt" and he started to walk off the field! What! I swear that kid is the weirdest child i have. He is very random but we love him.