Monday, October 19, 2009


Ok so most of you know I am a total sports junky. I love sports! (Hmm wonder why i have 4 boys! ) But i truly love volleyball. I could play this sport all day every day and not get tired of it. One of my biggest regrets of my youth was not playing in high school and maybe in college. I wish someone would have made me play. But i am making up for it now by playing in a league in Boise that is just awesome! I love it!! I am so glad my boys are old enough to watch themselves.
I have a new team this year and it has taken us a while to find our groove but we finally have and we are playing great. So in the league we play in they have different levels of play. The highest is Power (college players) C1(mostly college players) and so on, down to about C7(recreational). My team plays in C1. Most of the teams in C1 are also on a team in the Power league so it is really good volleyball and did i say i love it! :) Anyway i thought i would blog about it because we totally kicked butt tonight and won all three games. Our setter was on fire and so the hitters (me) got to hit a ton. It is just fun to go out there and play hard and sweat! It is my form of excerise since i am not motivated enough to work out in the gym. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I really love that my boys are still willing and eager to go to scouts. It is sometimes hard to work on all their badges and achievements with everything else going on but i think it is building good character in each of them. So far i think has been hardest for Gavin to get his stuff done but he is doing a great job. Last night he earned his Wolf badge and 4 arrow points. So in a month on his bday he will move into the Bear den and start on a new badge.

It was Safari night
Brendon is almost done with his Webelo Badge and will be working on his arrow of light here soon. Tanner is on track to be and Eagle scout by sept 2010. There are about ten boys in his troop that will all get it together. Scouts are AWESOME!!

My skinny boys playing football

Football is not the first sport i would choose for my boys to play but for some reason Tanner and Gavin have been drawn to it this year. I'm not sure Gavin enjoyed it as much as Tanner did though. Gavin is still pretty young and doesn't take the hurt like Tanner does. I really enjoyed watching them play, it was a sport we haven't done and it was fun to change it up. Tanner's team unfortunately didn't win any games and that was tough on Tanner because he is slightly competitive. (wonder where he gets that) He play wide reciever, punter, and saftey. The first game he took a helmet to the kneecap and it was bruised pretty bad, he couldn't practice for 3 days. But he got right back in there and did great.
Gavin also plays wide reciever. He can catch anything thrown at him in practice but he hasn't caught one in a game yet. He'll get one soon. Gavins team finally won a game last weekend. They were sooo excited it was fun to watch them. I'm not sure if Gav will play again next year but i know Tanner is going to.

In the pics below, Tanner is wearing the green jersey #18 and Gavin is in the bottom two pics wearing a blue jersey, white helmet with a B on it. #14

Tanner's great catch
Look at those skinny legs

The punter takes a beating but there was a flag thrown on this hit. It hurt his ribs pretty bad.

Gavin pushing and shoving

Finally a big hit!