Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Well i figured it was about time to update my blog since we had a birthday in the house.  3 out of 4 of my boys are now in double digits! Gavin turned 10 yesterday. He was super excited. He really wants to be as old as Tanner and Brendon so he can do all the stuff they do. We took donuts to his classroom at school which is always fun. The kids love donuts!
My wonderful wonderful friend Carlie made Gavin's cake. it was a skate board with a big red flame on it. She is awesome! Thanks Carlie. :) Tanner played a good happy birthday on the piano for us so we could all sing beautifully.  It was actually really good and its the best happy birthday we've ever done.
Brendon was in charge of the decorating.  It looked great!  He is a creative genius. :) Like always we had lots of friends and family over so my house was packed and loud but it was fun.

Grandma Ong gave him some fun finger bikes he likes to play with on his ramps. He is a little richer which he is excited about. he was tired of watching his brothers have money to spend when he was poor. (get used to it)
Then mom and dad pulled through and bought him some clothes and his long awaited Etnies hat! YEAH!!!!  I'm just glad it fit. Birthday are always fun. Thanks for coming everyone and making it a great day for Gavin.


Carlie said...

Glad you liked it- he's a sweet kid and we just love you guys!

jamie said...

that is a pretty flawless cake. looks like fun. sad we're not close enough to be there, too!