Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brendon coming out of his shell

I really enjoy watching Brendon play sports and doing other activities with a group of people. I like watching him loosen up and just having fun and not worrying about what people are thinking or what he looks like. :) (Something that i do) Brendon loves baseball and he is REALLY good at it. So far this year he has hit a triple, a double, caught a couple pop flies and only struck out twice. And he actually talks to his teammates and coaches. Something he didn't do last year. :) Of all my boys I think Brendon is the one i can see changing the most (in a good way). I love it!

We also just had our pinewood derby in scouts on Saturday. Phew! Glad that is over. It was stressful to plan and to make every boy and PARENT happy. Never works. There is always someone. But all the BOYS had fun! And that is the whole point, right! Anyway Gavin and Brendon built some pretty cool cars. Brendon's car was the winner though! We thought for sure his car was going to fall apart on it's first race but it SMOKED every car in the room. He came in first everytime. No one ever beat him. He was thrilled. Gavin did pretty good also. We had 17 cars racing and Gavin came in about 7th. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures cuz i was the one running the show. But i got a couple.

I now have a 12 year old!!!

Adam and I have come to realize we are getting old. :( Can anyone tell me how in the world my cute little red headed baby is now 12?!!! I really am in shock. I have to say though that he is such a good kid. No really he is. He is in middle school now and I feel like we still have a pretty good relationship. *Crossing my fingers*
I took him and a few of his friends bowling for his birthday party. As you can see by the score, Tanner isn't really good at bowling. :) Actually he was pretty funny to watch. After a while he gave up and just started rolling the ball down the lane in random postions.
12 year old boys are great! It was fun to listen to them talk with each other. Some of the boys talked about girls (which i thought was hilarious). Tanner didn't have much to say on the subject, probably cuz i was sitting there. :)
Tanner also passed the sacrament for the first time this week. It was great! He was super nervous but he did a great job. Oh next thing ya know he will be driving!!! YIKES!! I think i will like it though, one less person to drive around. :)