Thursday, June 3, 2010

happy birthday Brendon!

Brendon had a fun friend party this year. He had a some friends come over and they had an airsoft gun war.  I think they shot those things at each other into the wee hours of the night and then as soon as they got up again in the morning.  Brendon is fun to watch when he is with his friends.  Brendon doesn't just have tons and tons of friends like tanner. He has a few really really close friends. And they are good true friends.  He can just be himself with them and I love it.  They also help him to step out of his comfort zone.  One of his friend love making videos and playing the electric guitar and piano.  He is the reason Brendon started playing piano. Brendon also loves going over  and making videos with him. They are completely random and crazy viedos that they share with their class at school. I love that his friend helps him be confident enough to act and do crazy things in front of his peers. 
Brendon is now 11 and middle school is coming up next for him.  He is extremely excited about it.  Excited to be out of elementary school and moving up in the world. 

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jamie said...

yay for pictures! i loved seeing all that you guys have been up to lately. i love to see how much fun you have together--supporting each other watching the sports you all love to play. i hope our kids are good friends with each other like your kids are and that we can be as good of parents as you are. these pictures made me bummed that we're not able to be there to share in all their successes and watch them grow up, too. they're good boys!